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    By Courtney

    Seven Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

    Are you getting used to the new normal? It still feels anything but “normal” but getting used to it, yes. We’re being asked to stay still and that for most of us (myself included) is one of the challenges we need to surrender to here and now. One thing that has been helpful for me these past few weeks (months?) has been applying tips and techniques on how to ground and disconnect from the news and our phones and connect to ourselves in a more profound way. Read on for some of my favorites from friends and colleagues including podcasts, videos and at home massage. Please do share which of these resonate with you and remember you’re doing a great job, no matter where you are. Deep breath.

    My personal spiritual teacher, acupuncturist and author Abdi Assadi’s video on looking inward vs outward and his podcast on how to handle the fear around current events.

    How to cope with anxiety and fear of the unknown from therapist Allison Chawla.

    A soothing hand massage you can give to yourself to relieve tension from massage therapist Ben Brown.

    Kundalini yoga is my favorite daily practice, even when I only have three minutes. My current rotation includes this mediation for prosperity, creativity and good luck and this one for general physical health and to calm the nervous system. I also listen to Guru Jagat on RaMa TV for moments of inspiration.

    De-cluttering your home or office is a great way to clear out what no longer serves you; even as simple as cleaning out a drawer or removing old files from your computer. You can also try switching around the placement of things to change up the flow of energy in your space.

    Hoping you find something in here that resonates with you to help redefine how you are spending this time. Wishing you peace.

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