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    Our newest scent coming 8.15


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    About Us Alex

    Award winning scents that uplift and elevate the every day. We make fragrance that makes you feel good.

    About Us
    Modern & Conscious Beauty
    Fragrance that takes you there. Long lasting, uplifting scents. We plant a tree with every online order.
    • Cruelty-free
    • Sulfate-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Phthalate-free
    • Palm Oil Free
    • FSC Certified
    • PETA Certified
    • Vegan


    Made just for you, our newest scent is the perfect way to bottle up the feeling of Summer ☀️😎⛱️
    Talking about today’s Full Buck Moon in Capricorn 🌑 This moon will set the tone for the second half of the year (how did we get here so fast?). It’s a great time to reflect, cut loose what isn’t working, and refocus. What do you want to do, experience, change in the next 6 months? Let’s set those intentions. Enjoy the energy.
    The brightness of a sun, encapsulated in a bottle. Energizing, cleansing, and vivacious - Citrus Blonde is an instand mood boost.
    🍋 Citrus Blonde🍋, our newest scent and our first citrus scent - made just for you. It’s an uplifting and energizing scent that’s intended to harness the energy of the sun.

🍋Top notes: Australian Pink Pepper Extract, Italian Bergamot

🍑 Middle notes: Wild Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Peach Blossom

🪵Bottom notes: Crisp Amber, Cedarwood, Indoesian Patchouli

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    Get on the waitlist for Citrus Blonde 🍋🍊 available on August 15th! Be sure to claim yours before they’re gone. 

Citrus Blonde is an instant mood boost. It combines effervescent pink pepper with bergamot, fresh peach blossom, and crisp cedarwood to make you feel like it’s always summer ☀️
    Introducing Citrus Blonde 🍋

“Welcome to our citrus era. I wanted to create a new fragrance just for you, our loyal L&S community.

This bright citrus scent is both a mood boost and joy enhancing scent all in one. Bringing the sun into your daily ritual with notes of effervescent pink pepper, bergamot, fresh peach blossom, and crisp cedarwood.”

- Founder @courtneysomer 

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    Downloads folder is back 📁

This week, our team pulled some images that may or may not relate to a new scent we have launching soon...
    A little BTS of our founder @courtneysomer testing our newest scent with a friend...

Any guesses as to what you think is launching?
    What are some of your tips for making sure you’re present throughout the day?

For us, checking in and being present is essential - it’s actually one of the reasons why our first product was a rollerball. Our founder, @courtneysomer, liked the idea that you had to stop, pause, and then breathe when applying as it encouraged people to stop and be present.

Image source unknown.
    While we love a cozy candle moment during Winter, Summer is actually one of our favorite times to burn candles at home. Whether it’s for an outdoor late night dinner, a relaxing summer morning in the bath - they’re a great way to slow down and be present in the warmer months.
    One of our favorite layering combos: 11 11 + Apaaray. Perfect for a warm summer night, a bonfire with friends, or a late outdoor cocktail. 🍹
    Intentions for the long weekend 💛

Source unknown.